Captain America: Winter Soldier: Roundup

Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Chris-Evans-Samuel-L-Jackson So, I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier last weekend and spent the week after catching up on all the CAWS commentary I had been avoiding during opening week. There isn’t much I can add about CAWS that hasn’t already been said (and better than I could say it) so this week’s post is a roundup of my favourite CAWS related posts. If you haven’t seen it yet, then why are you wasting your time reading this when you can be watching Captain America: Winter Soldier? GO NOW. I can wait. For the rest of you, here’s what I read this week (requisite spoiler warning here):

It's a nice ass though.

  •  This post by Hello, Tailor that talks about Black Widow and Falcon’s roles in CAWS.
  • And while you’re at it, the other posts by Hello, Tailor on CAWS.
  • And how about this piece on a possible solo movie for Natasha Romanoff:

    It’s fitting that, after two hours of showing Agent Romanoff taking charge of every situation she found herself in, a solo “Black Widow” movie feels the most viable. What does a master spy do when the world knows who she is? Does she try to have a normal life, or does she become a full-on super hero? Going public also opens her up to countless faces from her past, all of whom now have the info needed to track her down and get revenge. Now she has to take care of the red in her ledger before it wipes her out.

    Aka: If a Black Widow solo movie doesn’t happen I’m sending hundreds of black widow spiders to the Marvel offices.

  • The Vulture tackles Cap 2’s post credit scenes here
  • Hail Hydra
  • Now everybody knows how Chris Evans feels about Chris Hemsworth (hint: it’s how we all feel about Chris Hemsworth).
  • It’s Captain Little Ass vs. Falcon Big Butt (ngl, this is the greatest thing to come out of all my Cap 2 bingeing)
  • And here is some a lot of geekery from I09
  • Some CAWS easter eggs
  • And some stuff about the mid and post credit scenes
  • Chris Evans gets really excited about pizza
  • Steve Rogers has different catch up lists, depending on what country you’re watching the movie in
  • Oh, and this tumblr

And that’s it. Aside from all the Steve/Bucky stuff I’ve been reading on Tumblr and will probably be agonizing over until Cap 3 comes out.

Do you want to built a snowman?


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