One Line Book Reviews: What I Read in 2013

I’ve had a post sitting in drafts for a while, but I don’t feel like writing that, so instead I bring you One Line Book Reviews, where I will review all the books I read in 2013 in one line*.

*May be more than one line.


2013 books2

A Storm of Swords – George R R. Martin
Ugh, all the feels. ALL.THE.BLOODY.FEELS. Pun intended.

A Feast for Crows – George R. R. Martin
Less feels, more tedium.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
WHAT.WAS.THAT.ENDING?! I went back and forth between hating and loving this book for weeks after I read it. I’ve finally settled on love. And hate.

I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella
It was really cute and a great mood brightener after reading Gone Girl.

Graceling – Kristin Cashore
I really loved the heroine in this; I love books about strong women. I haven’t been in a rush to read the second in the series, Bitterblue, however, because Katsa isn’t the narrator. I’ll probably get to it sometime this year.

Code Name: Verity – Elizabeth Wein
I cried for a good half hour after I read this, but the crying started at the halfway point. I love this book. This was my favourite read of 2013 and now has a spot in my favourite books list.

Beauty Queens – Libba Bray
I wanted something light after reading Code Name: Verity and Beauty Queens was perfect for that. It’s fun and funny and I found myself laughing out loud more than once.

Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight
I liked this and I’m looking forward to the movie.

At Times I Almost Dream – Amy E. Yergen
My friend wrote this! Since finishing school I don’t read short stories as much as I used to and this set of alternative fairy tales was a great way to get me going again because each story is a unique and enjoyable take on familiar fairy tale characters. Plus, my friend wrote it.

On the Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta
Ugh, so sad, so good.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan
Secret societies, bookstores, mysterious old people and Google; what’s not to love?

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – N.K. Jemisin
Ugh. SO GOOD. It was so complex and beautiful and fantastic and everyone should read this. I needed some time before I was okay enough to finish the series, which I will do sometime this year.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
Another book I cried over. I just have a lot of feelings about what books mean to people.

Shopaholic & Baby – Sophie Kinsella
Again, I wanted something light to follow The Book Thief, so I decided to continue where I’d left off reading Kinsella’s Shopaholic series (which I love). It wasn’t until the last third of the book that I realized I had read it before, but I still liked it. Becky is just a really lovable character (except in the movie, which was terrible).

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? – Maria Semple
This is such a great mystery book; it’s got a delightful sense of humour and is a smart and fun ride trying to figure out where the hell Bernadette got to.

Shadow & Bone, Siege & Storm (The Grisha series 1 & 2) – Leigh Bardugo
I love this series. I LOVE IT. I was so mad at myself for starting it before the last book comes out and I’m so mad I have to wait until June for it! And, I’ll admit, I shipped Alina with The Darkling for a minute there, but Alina and Mal endgame. Ugh, I really need Ruin & Rising like now.

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn
I don’t know what it is about Gillian Flynn, but she manages to write characters I absolutely loathe and yet still manage to care about.

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
I enjoyed this a lot; a great look at first love and falling for the person you’d least suspect.

The Violets of March – Sarah Jio
This book is the equivalent of eating white rice with unsalted butter and it was only through sheer stubbornness that I even bothered finishing it.

The Sisterhood – Helen Bryan
I hated this book so much. So much that everytime I talk about it I get mad about it all over again and take away a star from my Goodreads rating (it’s now at 1 star). There was so much potential! The premise is interesting, but the execution is maddening and sloppy and it made me want to push the main character off a cliff.

The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker
I remember liking this, but not specifically why I liked it.

A Great & Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet Far Thing (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy) – Libba Bray
I’ve always loved stories about girls who go to all girl schools and this one has that, plus British things, cute boys, witches and another dimension. Basically it’s a novel about the things that happened in my head when I was 12.

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn
The only Flynn novel that isn’t being adapted for the big screen this year. As with my history with Flynn’s books, I hated the characters but I love the story.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith (aka: J.K. Rowling)
I kept going back and forth about who the killer was until the reveal and I love when I don’t figure it out early on. Just wish Robin had a bigger role, as was implied by the opening chapter happening through her POV. If the rumoured TV series happens I want it to be like Luther. Or, ya know, give me more Luther.

The Interestings – Meg Wolitzer
I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads, but I might bump it down to 3. You can read my longer review here.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
This would be cute as a TV show, maybe.

The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt
The main character, Theo Decker, just has a lot to say about everything that happens in his life. A LOT. Like, A LOT A LOT. The book would’ve been half as long if Theo just shut up once in a while.

I only started reading the way I used to halfway through 2013 and passed my Goodreads goal sometime in October, I think. I didn’t read during November because I participated in Nanowrimo. Since my goal for 2014 is to read 100 books I’m not going to wait a year to do these one line reviews and do them monthly instead.

So, tell me what you read last year, what you’re reading now and if you have any suggestions on what I should queue on my to-read list.