Things I Read This Week


Honestly, thank god this week is over. I am so ready to spend a good percent of my long weekend in toasty pjs watching Chris Pine’s new Netflix movie. Perhaps I will even watch a certain scene a number of times.

So, I read some stuff this week and because I am such a kind and giving human, I am sharing some of them with you. When I die, please tell people how gracious I was.

On the Web

So The Shallows will still win best song, right…?

Rebel, you dummy, it’s ok to admit when you’re wrong. I doubt she’s unblocked any of the (mostly black) POC who called her out on Twitter, however

Let’s talk about sex baby…

Babies, infertility and all that comes with that, just more… Halloweeny

The Nanny is one of my favourite sitcoms of all time and one of the reasons is the superb work that went into costuming the characters

The way [Fran] presented herself was very motivational and inspirational for people. Someone who was outspoken, who was loud and proud, who had her style. I read stuff on Instagram where people said that the character, and the way she looked, really helped them through hard times.

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Remember gossip blogs? We were all so innocent then

Some good news

Jim isn’t my epitome of Best TV Boyfriend, but I still want to read How To Be Alone: If You Want to, and Even if You Don’t

Emma Thompson–sorry, DAME Emma Thompson–is a goddamn delight

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One of my ABSOLUTE favourite things is wedding drama, but especially entitled bride/groom-related wedding drama, and that last link is an especially dear to my heart one–also, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE SOMEONE ADD ME TO THIS WEDDING SHAMING FACEBOOK GROUP

I’ve been thinking about this piece all week

I’m intentionally trying to keep these posts mostly light because existence is otherwise hard and exhausting, but I had a lot of conversations at work around this whole thing

Barack Obama’s presidency was based on what we will, out of politeness, call an illusion, an illusion of national unity articulated most passionately during Obama’s keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention: “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America—there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America—there’s the United States of America.” It was a beautiful vision. It was an error. There is very much a red America and a blue America.

On The Shelf

I finished Lair of Dreams yesterday and while not as spooky as The Diviners, I still liked it, but as it was my Halloween read this year, I was hoping for more creepiness. Anyhoo, it’s not like my reading list gets any smaller, so moving on! I brought The Mermaid & Mrs. Handcock with me to the office, so now I can make a bigger dent it in than getting four paragraphs in before passing out every night.

If I get a chance to, I’m going to head down to the new Indigo and pick up a copy of Before the Devil Breaks You this weekend. Who knows, maybe I’ll even hit 15 out of 40 books on my Goodreads 2018 challenge. Go me.

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And, if you are my friend and you write things, send them to me so I can put you in these posts and promote the fuck out of your talented ass! That’s not supposed to sound like I’m trying to pimp you out, fyi.

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One Line Book Reviews: February 2014


So, February was an exceptionally slow reading month for me because I spent most of my reading time being sick, helping with my cousin’s wedding and battling with books that I couldn’t finish.

NW-Zadie Smith
I read this on my e-reader, but I think it would be much better read in actual book format. I think I’d have liked this more if I read it in book form because it was frustrating not being able to go back when I wanted to.

Wedding Night-Sophie Kinsella
This is the first Kinsella book I did not enjoy; it was not fun and the characters weren’t very likeable.

Soulless-Gail Carriger
LOVE. This was so fun and hilarious. I wish the audiobooks were narrated by Emma Thompson because it was her voice I heard while I was reading this. I’m currently reading Changeless, the second book in the series.

I started reading Wicked, but I could not, for the life of me, get into it. The premise was interesting and all of my goodreads friends gave it 4 or 5 stars, so I was initially excited to start it, but I found it cumbersome and boring, frankly. I did find out that I was not alone in that assessment, and a lot of my friends (the ones who happen to not be on goodreads, natch) hated it as much as I did.

Anyway, that’s it for this round of One Line Book Reviews. This blog has been more book blog than what it’s supposed to be (a blog about things that are fabulous) so my next post is going to be about one of my favourite things: lipstick!